With Pawnec, they’re safe.

Enables anyone — anytime, anywhere to safely return and properly care for your pet, with just the scan of a QR code.

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An ID for your pet.

It’s now easier to share everything there is to know about your pet, from the basics (their name and breed) to the crucial (their address and allergies) – all in one profile.

And because we know that each pet is unique, quirks, favorites, and care cues can also be included as custom inputs. No more long lists of dos and don’ts for your sitter.


A simple system for keeping your pets safe.

A QR code for easy access.

All data in your pet’s smart profile is stored digitally, allowing for convenience of access. Choose a tag, engrave it with our QR code, and in just one scan, anyone can learn important information that can help  care for your pet and return them home.

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Location Smart Tag

A tracker so you can locate.

Lost sight of them? Check the app! Anytime their smart tag is scanned, it updates the location history on their profile. Wherever they go, anyone can help you track and follow.

Location Smart Tag

An alert system

when they're missing.

Mark your pet as missing on their profile, so when their rescuer scans their smart tag, they’re alerted that this is a missing pet. If, on the other hand, you’re unaware, you can be alerted that someone has found your pet.


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