In the age of connectivity and biochips, pets still go missing, never to be reconnected with the only companion they’re loyal to.

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You’ve seen it and you still see it every day. Someone is looking for their missing dog or cat in your community, online or offline. It’s so prevalent that we somehow have grown desensitized to it. This is an unacceptable fate in the modern world of pet care.

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The Missing Pet Recovery Cycle

It’s imperative to solve a problem if one can effectively define the problem. There are many factors contributing to a missing pet. Arguably, some of these factors are deliberate or lacking in empathy. But we’ll define the problem from the lens of people intent on bringing a missing pet home. The missing pet recovery cycle best surmises this problem.

The only published research on missing pet statistics states that 14% of dogs and 15% of cats went missing once in a five-year period. [1]

Sadly, less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% of dogs are returned to their owners. [2]

We cannot imagine another dog or cat being lonely in the streets and crying their hearts out not to be heard by their PawDad and PawMom. Think about it, it’s a more torturous predicament than a quick death. We call it the missing pet purgatory. Neither found nor dead; hungry and thirsty.

First-Line of Identification

The missing pet epidemic remains unsolved because it needs practical and direct solutions. There is clearly a need for first-line pet identification. A first-line identification doesn’t just accelerate the recovery of missing pets. It also solves a bigger problem of decelerating the overcrowding of animal shelters and animal impounding centers.

For every helpless PawParents missing their pets, we can’t help but imagine if only dogs or cats could speak. They could have easily told a stranger to call this mobile number, bring them to this home address or simply say “I’m not astray. My hooman is looking for me. Please help me find home!”

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Accelerate the Recovery of Missing Pets

Sometimes the best response to a complex problem is the simplest solution. Pawnec is not the only solution to the larger problem of missing and stray pets. But it’s the most accessible and practical technology available to all PawParents.
There's just too much time and effort to recover a missing pet. Pawnec shortens the time and simplifies the effort to quickly recover a missing pet. Pawnec is our practical and direct answer to the missing pet epidemic. Our mission is to connect pets and people so not another dog or cat will go missing in vain in today’s modern world of connectivity.


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