We’ve been personalizing dog collars and pet name tags long before the industriousness of pet tech came into our hands.

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Pawnec Image

From Wearable Pieces of Love to Wearable Tech for Pets

As early as 2019, we started customizing the identification of collars and name tags with our bare hands.

The more names we put on our AlphaCollars and AlphaTags, the more information we kept receiving as a request to deboss on their pet’s collar or name tag.

Name? Check. Mobile number? Check.

Then we started receiving all these other unusual personalization requests such as a street address, email address, motto, surname, birthday, Instagram handle, Bible verse, some weird numeric combination, and then finally, our “light bulb moment”, profile picture!

Digitizing Pet Collars and Name Tags

We realized all these PawParents wanted to put as much information on their pet’s collar precisely because our humanized pet companions cannot speak. As wearable pieces of love, our AlphaCollars and AlphaTags were meant to connect with people, for better or for the worst of times — when they go missing. We thought of many ways to pack as much information in their collar to serve this purpose.

The only way we could do it was to digitize their collars and name tags. It’s meant to connect (Pawnec) pets and people for the best of times. More importantly when they go missing, it’s designed to reconnect pets with the only human companion they’re loyal to. Virtually limitless information can only be achieved with digitization as it is the key to multiple layers of connectivity. Multi-layers of pawnectivity are their multiple chances of reconnecting with their trusted people.

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